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SMARTSEAT™ and Wedges

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  • Leg-Crossing Prevention: The shape of the patented posture corrector called SMARTSEAT makes crossing your legs impossible.
  • Impact of Leg-Crossing: The problem with crossing your legs is it wrecks the body. How? For one, the abdominals are inhibited-especially internal obliques. For another, the pelvis is in a posterior tilt creating compression on the femoral nerve, arteries, and veins bilaterally which restrict circulation to the lower extremities. Thirdly, the blood pressure increases due to this compression.
  • Neural Tension: Foot pain and numbness result from the adverse neural tension which causes pressure on the peroneal nerve which may lead to long-term nerve damage. The lumbar spine (low back) and nerves are compressed in this posteriorly tilted posture as well as the sciatic nerve and the piriformis are stressed. The femur (thigh bone) is abducted (rotated inward) which leads to lumpy-looking thighs and spider veins.
  • Elevation of Sitz Bones: The shape of SMARTSEAT lifts only the sitz bones and not the entire rear so it fits everyone regardless of size or weight.
  • Spinal Compression Relief: The problem with all other posture correctors and seat cushions is they lift the entire rear which means many people are not comfortable. Using SMARTSEAT the raised higher back-end lifts only the sitz bones. Spinal compression is relieved when only these two points, about six inches apart in every human regardless of height and weight, are raised.
  • Pleasant Seating: Using SMARTSEAT posture corrector seat cushion will make sitting with legs UN-crossed feel good. The special slope of the seat means that you can sit comfortably for long periods of time in pelvic neutral, or even anteverted, or rock the pelvis for more flexibility. This seating posture helps relieve lower back and sciatica pain as it takes the act of sitting from negative to neutral and yields a feeling of lightness.
  • Soothing Massage Experience: Use SMARTSEAT behind your body in your chair at your mid or low back for a self-massage.
  • Back Support: Provides back support for office chair.

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