T4 Resistance Bands
T4 Resistance Bands

T4 Resistance Bands

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About T4

Many benefits of the “Mini Reformer” aka TYE4®/TYE4X™. T4 makes using resistance simpler and accessible for all.

Accessible Resistance: The T4 makes using resistance simpler and accessible for everyone.

Enhanced Movement Support: Each T4 bungee is designed to offer significant resistance and assistance, enhancing your exercise routines.

Versatility: T4 bungees are designed to improve flexibility, strength, mobility, and stability, enhancing all exercises. This system ensures a varied and engaging workout routine, helping you continually challenge your body.

Resilient Elastic: Made from high-quality, durable materials, the T4 bungees provide both challenge and support during workouts.

Portable Gym: Compact and lightweight, the T4 offers a portable gym experience by providing up to 20lbs of resistance and assistance. It eliminates the need for traditional workout equipment like free weights or rubber bands, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts on the go.

Benefits All: The T4 is suitable for a variety of fitness activities including Pilates, yoga, dance, and strength training. It enhances exercise execution and intensity by promoting proper alignment and core engagement.

Core Support: Strategic placement of the bungee cords ensures uplift and support to the core during exercises, enhancing posture and performance.

Futuristic Fitness: Continuing Joseph Pilates' vision, the T4 represents a modern take on classic fitness principles, integrating advanced design with traditional exercise techniques to bring the future of fitness into the present.


Two T4 bungees—a short one for use with arms and longer bungee for use with legs.

Video Instruction

Watch PhysicalMind Institute instructor Yuu Fujita demonstrate how to use T4 in our YouTube series.

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