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Suckered Into Wellness

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After five decades of dieting based on "science", you'd think Americans would have figured out the fat issue, but they still willingly allow themselves to be manipulated, ie suckered.

In this collection of essays, Joan Breibart writes as the person who predicted today's obesity epidemic way back in 1976, when everyone thought she was nuts. She also forecasted three years ago that "wellness" would be exposed as a front to hide our collective neurosis.

Listen to the Introduction and you won't stop until you have gobbled up all 32 articles. Almost no one has heard Breibart's take on the subject - it's all too un-PC - but no one can fail to benefit from a point of view that has been stifled, but should have been heard decades ago.

Joan Breibart has spent 55 years in what she calls "the appearance business" developing and marketing services and products for the skin, hair, and body. In the 1990s, she took Pilates from a tiny cult to a household name by founding The Method Pilates and the PhysicalMind Institute. She is an inventor who holds nine patents, all of which are dedicated to the mechanics of the body.

As an author and editor, she has published 20 educational books on Pilates, as well as penning The Body Biz - a novel that reveals the inside scoop of this niche industry. As a pioneer of the mind-body movement, she unknowingly ushered in the rise of "wellness" which became an industry that has done us more harm than good.

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