Retrofit Kit - PhysicalMind Institute
Retrofit Kit - PhysicalMind Institute

Retrofit Kit

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Why did we make this product?

Because just like all technology, PMI is always looking for ways to upgrade, update, and improve our tools to match our improved movement technology! After hearing from dancers and pilates experts around the world, we are introducing a new bungee cord packet that provides even more support and resistance to our already great TYE4X™!

The Retrofit Kit Includes the following to reform/transform your current TYE4:  

1 New Stronger Black Bungee Cord for Hand Loops

1 New Stronger Black Bungee Cord for the Foot Strap

4 New End Caps to cover the raw bungee cord 

 How-to Videos on Replacing Your Old Bungee Cords 

"I am so pleased with the improved Tye4x. It truly is an improvement. This is my third Tye4 product. I have used the blue, the gray and now the black bungees. The blue bungees showed good intent, but I personally didn't feel too much in the way of resistance. The gray was a definite move in the right direction, but I still felt I wanted the option to ease up on resistance, rather than reaching for more resistance. That is all accomplished with the black bungee. I adjusted my Tye4x to the resistance I had with the gray bungees, but after a few minutes, I released a bit of the tension. Now I feel I have a product that I will truly not outgrow." - Lori A.


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