Holistic neck traction device aiding in neuro-musculoskeletal balance and respiratory function
Portable device designed to correct Tech Neck and other posture problems
Comfortable and adjustable neck correction device designed for daily use to address neck pain and tension
Portable and lightweight device for cervical traction and posture correction instructions


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Traction Device for Neck Stretches

  • Posture Problems: Bad posture at the computer or texting leads to a forward head. When your 12-pound head moves forward –even one inch—it feels like it weighs 20 pounds which causes neck and shoulder pain and permanent postural change.
  • Portable Solution: HeadFloater is an adjustable neoprene headband designed to reduce and correct Tech Neck & Text Neck, using internal bungee cords in a patented figure-eight cross design and finger straps with 4 loops for various stretches. It weighs only 4 ounces and is portable.
  • Weightless Relief: The head and neck feel weightless while using HeadFloater, with users controlling the degree of cervical traction by how much they extend the straps or tighten the headband. Simple stretches that are supported by HeadFloater® are relaxing and enjoyable and with daily use can feel almost addictive.
  • Valuable Experience: HeadFloater provides a pleasurable and therapeutic experience, releasing tension in the neck and shoulders and creating a floating sensation.
  • Holistic Benefits: HeadFloater works to balance the neuro-musculoskeletal & respiratory systems. Gentle neck stretches with specific breathing patterns strengthen and treat text/tech neck issues, cradling the skull and then decompressing while lengthening and stretching the neck.
  • Safety: No need to connect HeadFloater to a potentially active door.

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