80Bites: The Real Portion Plan

80Bites: The Real Portion Plan

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Introducing the 3rd edition of 80Bites: The Real Portion Plan The Real Science of Hormones. It's 88 pages and contains 11 videos. The program is customized by you.

Other diets require changes to your lifestyle. The 80Bites plan easily assimilates into your current routine.

NO counting calories or "good" vs. "bad" foods. 

It is portion control training that retrains your body and mind to eat less, less often, more easily. 

This interactive digital program dispels new-age diet rhetoric and explains why 80Bites is a formula that actually works.

It's a 12-step training program that will assist you in lowering your cortisol level which is the key to hormone control and weight loss. Just like Ozempic and Wegovy, the 80Bites program works to re-balance your gut hormones. Then the brain sends a signal to your stomach telling you that you're not hungry.  When you lose the food noise you will naturally downsize and feel less likely to binge on foods you love but try to avoid.

For more information, visit the official 80bites website.

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